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Always make a model

It’s always a good idea to make a model on any project you plan to give as a gift.

These gloves were such a perfect fit, that I knew I could whip up a second pair with confidence and know that my sister would love them.


And she did.

Jamie and gloves

The pattern is from Debbie Stoller’s “Stitch ‘N Bitch: the Happy Hooker,” a pattern book I talk about often.

I did become quite frustrated making these jewelry totes, pattern from Betty Oppenheimer’s “Sew and Stow.” But after going through five needles (yes, I broke four), I finally whipped these things up in time for gift exchanging yesterday. (Note: Do not attempt to sew over zippers. Make sure you knew where they are located in your fabric!)

Here are five, but I made eight, including the test I am keeping for myself.

Jewelry tote gifts

This is a zipper pocket to hold necklaces and bracelets.

Jewelry tote zipper

Here is a pocket with a flap. It’s supposed to have hook and eyes, but I didn’t like that idea. It was too late to buy Velcro or snaps, but I think this will work fine without any type of closure.

Jewelry tote pocket flap

These are ear ring pockets in large, medium and small.

Jewelry tote ear ring holders

The tote also has yellow double-fold bias tape along the edge for binding and along the back as a tie.

I used yellow thread on top and blue in the bobbin because I really liked the effect. Unfortunately, the color combo displays my amateur sewing skills along the binding.

Other Christmas gifts included these birdies for niece Bridgette and this hat and hacky sack for brother-in-law (and Bridgette’s dad) Aaron.


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