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A economical way to decorate this Christmas

If you’re like me, you love to decorate. Especially around Christmas time.

I’ve wistfully been eyeing new red and white poinsettia garlands, snowmen window cling-ons and bright, shiny lights for the holiday season. But with a dark cloud of possible layoffs lingering over my household and the downturn in the economy, I’ve been clutching my purse close.

But here’s a brilliant idea. How about making decorations?

Craftstylish has a wonderful idea — an origami reindeer made from interfacing — and so does BurdaStyle — an Advent Calendar wall hanging.

Interfacing is used in sewing, so you’ll find it at any of your local stores that carry fabric. If a reindeer isn’t your thing, look for other origami shapes. Interfacing will help your creation hold its shape and stand on its own.

Many people celebrate the days leading up to Christmas with Advent Calendars. Commercial calendars are little cardboard packages with punch out windows for each day. Inside each box is a little bit of candy.

Burda’s twist is little stockings filled with treats. The dates can be embroidered or appliquéd on the front of the stockings.

If I think or find any ideas, I’ll share them as we near the holiday season. Feel free to share any of your own ideas.

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